Fun Baseball Facts

Fun Baseball Facts

Baseball has been a popular sport in the US for decades. But sports fans from all around the world also enjoy watching baseball matches. If you are reading this article, you probably want to learn fun baseball facts you haven’t heard of before.

I will take you through the history, rules, changes, and interesting moments that made this sport a significant part of American culture.

Baseball Team Celebrating a Win

Top 5 Fun Facts About Baseball

1. Pitchers mustn’t spit on the ball

In the past, pitchers spat on the ball, hands, or their gloves before throwing it during a baseball game. But I discovered that the spitball is banned from MLB because it gives pitchers an advantage over hitters.

As a former baseball player, I recognize this technique as unfair. Luckily, the last time it was used was in 1934 by Grimes.

2. Catching the ball with a hat is forbidden

In addition to fun baseball facts, there are also customs. When you enter the world of professional baseball, as I did, there are certain rules you must follow. For example, a fielder mustn’t use their hat to catch the ball. Using their gloves is the only way it will be considered a catch.

3. The rarest occurrence in baseball is an unassisted triple play

During my career as a professional baseball player, I have discovered that one of the rarest events in this sport is for a fielder to complete three outs at once. This occurrence is called unassisted triple play and has only been done 15 times in MLB history.

Eric Bruntlett was the last player to complete an unassisted triple play in 2009. He played against the New York Mets as part of the Philadelphia Phillies team. Only one outfielder, Walter Carlisle, has pulled off an unassisted triple play in professional basketball history.

4. Cy Young has the most career wins

Fun facts about baseball history include notable players. One of the best pitchers of all time is Cy Young. I have admired his right-hand throwing techniques and determination to win at all costs. 

He has recorded 511 baseball game victories during his career, around 100 more than other pitchers.

5. Pitchers can switch their throwing arm under one condition

At the beginning of the game, pitchers must indicate which one is their throwing arm and use it till the end of the game without switching. But if the pitcher’s throwing arm is injured, they are allowed to switch it.

Pitchers Can Switch Their Throwing Arm Under One Condition


Surprising Facts About Baseball

6. Jim Abbott was a one-handed baseball champion

I was always inspired by baseball players who reached their career peaks despite their hardships and obstacles. One of the most inspiring baseball champions of all time is Jim Abbott. He had a deformed arm, which was a huge disadvantage during games.

But he managed to become a part of the California Angels and used his left arm to win games. His right arm was limp and underdeveloped. But his overall physique was ideal for a basketball player in tip-top shape.

7. Eddie Gaedel proved that height doesn’t matter

As a young baseball player, I believed my height was just right for this sport. That was until I discovered that people’s determination is stronger than their appearance. Edward Carl Gaedel was a dwarf and still managed to participate in the Major League Baseball tournaments.

He was a three-foot-seven-inch player, making him the shortest player in baseball history. He played as a pinch hitter. The crowd admired and always cheered for him.

8. Warren Spahn had the same number of wins and hits

One of the most famous and well-recognized southpaws in baseball is Warren Spahn. He had a long history of periodic victories and losses. By the end of his career, he had 363 wins and 363 hits, which was an unheard-of coincidence up until that point.

Quirky Baseball Stadiums and Fan Traditions

9. Pool party and baseball game in one: Chase Field

Chase Field is the only baseball court with a swimming pool I have visited. The owners of this field rent the pool to VIP guests as a suite. They can enjoy watching the game closely while wearing their bathing suits.

10. Legends remembrance at the Yankee Stadium

Statues of famous baseball champions were placed in the old Yankee Stadium. Players had to go around them while playing a game. But now, the statues have been transferred to a special museum-like area fans can visit.

11. “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” – an unofficial anthem

We were often taught that Jack Norworth wrote a song about a guy who wanted to ask a girl out on a date. While he was on the train, he saw a poster announcing that day a baseball game would be performed. In the song, the guy takes the girl to a baseball game.

Thus, baseball fans have been singing “Take Me Out To the Ball Game” since 1946. It has become a tradition to sing this song at baseball games, reminiscent of an anthem.

12. The excitement of the curtain calls

When a player performs a great feat, baseball fans get very excited. We refer to their reactions as “curtain calls ”. Fans can’t see the baseball players while they are in the dugout. So, they do everything they can to encourage and motivate the players when they return to the field.

13. Honoring Jackie Robinson every year on the same day

Baseball hasn’t always been the inclusive sport we all know and love today. Jackie Robinson was the first African-American basketball player to appear in the MLB. He made his debut in the Major League in 1947 on April 15. This day is now celebrated every year in honor of Robinson.

Honoring Jackie Robinson


Famous Baseball Pranks 

14. Luis Castillo and the bubble gum prank

The main reason why I fell in love with baseball was not only because I could use my talent professionally. Some of my most memorable moments are connected to funny baseball incidents, like fans performing pranks on baseball players.

One of the most well-known pranks on the baseball field to this day is fans throwing bubble gum at Luis Castillo. But he was very upset that he was spat on from the stands in front of his Mets teammates.

15. Is that Bobby Valentine?

Bobby Valentine was a manager of multiple baseball teams like the Texas Rangers and the Boston Red Sox. But in 1999, he was fined $5,000 for his antics. He was also suspended from attending two matches.

At the time, he decided he should make a laugh out of his ejection from the game. Thus, he disguised himself as a guy with a mustache and returned to the dugout.

16. Celebrating a big win with a shaving face cream

Any baseball player you ask will know about this famous post-game tradition. The winning team always gets a shaving cream pie in their faces to signify celebration and appreciation. But I can assure you that the taste and smell of shaving cream is very unpleasant.

Unusual Baseball Facts From Around the World

17. Visiting baseball teams have worn gray uniforms since the 1800s

As young baseball players, we always wondered where the tradition of visiting teams wearing gray uniforms comes from. 

It turns out that visiting teams couldn’t have access to the laundry when on the road, and thus they wore gray uniforms in order to conceal the stains and dirt better. Home teams wore white uniforms because they were at home and had access to laundry to wash their uniforms.

18. Cuba won the Baseball World Cup 25 times

The United States has won four Baseball World Cup tournaments, which is very impressive. But Cuba has won 25 gold, four silver, and two bronze medals.

19. Professional baseball currently doesn’t exist in the United Kingdom

The British have never really liked baseball because it reminded them of cricket, which is very similar. Football dominates the sporting spirit in England. That’s why baseball never became a professional sport in the United Kingdom, nor did it ever attract very large crowds.



Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called baseball?

There were many bat-and-ball games in North America starting from the early 1800s. They were often referred to as “baseball” or “roundball games”. The name “baseball” stuck out to the majority and is now distinguished from other sports due to the use of gloves.

What is the slang term for a baseball bat?

The most fun facts about baseball bats are connected to their name. Some people use the terms “lumber”, “slugger”, “prop”, “stick”, and “shillelagh”, which are synonymous with the phrase “baseball bat”.

What are some unusual and quirky baseball records?

Every sport has unusual and quirky records, including baseball. For example, Joel Youngblood had brought victory to two teams in one day. The highest scored runs per game are 49, performed by the Cubs. The most ejections in an MLB game are 14 by the White Sox.

What is the weirdest baseball rule ever recorded?

Among many unusual baseball rules, the weirdest one is that pitchers are forbidden to wipe their faces with their hands before grabbing the ball. In fact, it’s an illegal practice in professional baseball.

What are some unique and quirky baseball mascots?

Most major-league baseball teams have mascots. But among the most interesting ones is the Boston Red Sox mascot called Wally The Green Monster. Another unique mascot is Orbit, the mascot of the Houston Astros, wearing a green alien costume.

What’s the story behind the superstition of the “rally cap”?

Thankfully, baseball fans enjoy watching sports games mostly for entertainment instead of getting fixated on believing in common superstitions. Some people believe that if a player or fan wears a rally cap backward, they sacrifice their dignity for their team to win. 

Final Thoughts

There are endless fun baseball facts worth mentioning. But I selected the most startling and intriguing ones about baseball history. I hope you learned that baseball is an exciting but also demanding sport for professional players, and certain records have been unbeatable for decades.

Mark Henderson

Mark Henderson

Mark "Homerun" Henderson is a former MLB player turned coach, with 25 years of professional baseball experience. An All-Star player, World Series Champion, and Hall of Famer, Mark now shares his passion and knowledge through his blog, "". He offers insights on game analysis, player profiles, baseball history, and coaching tips. When he's not writing or hosting his podcast, Mark enjoys reading baseball biographies and conducting community baseball clinics.

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